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27.10.2015 - Google Translate text and voice services info

Google protects its services by captcha code in order to ensure it's not used by robots.
If you will have difficulties with pronunciation, translation or text to mp3 conversion functions in Driller Vocabulary, click this link and fill incaptcha code. After that you should hear "Hello" word being pronunced.

27.10.2012 - Driller Vocabulary is FREEWARE now!

Enjoy Free Driller Vocabulary!

30.12.2011 - new version 1.35

Version 1.35 has new functions:

New import module. Now you can download vocabulary on-line from our regularly updated repository.
Export module with possibility to export vocabulary to txt and csv files.
Now you can change backgroud color of text fields.
Watch video with subtitles and download video vocabulary to your own vocabulary list. Every week one new video. (For now only English and German video available.)

Check section "Support" for screenshots and help.

13.9.2011 - New functions

Version 1.34 has been amended by new functions:

Pronunciation (if defined) appears together with word.
New option in settings enables automatical pronunciation of displayed word.
Now you can also download selected vocabulary without translation. (mp3)
Notification center enables users to see important news. (at the launch of Driller)


Due to changes and restrictions Google makes in relation to the Google translate service, translation, batch translation and voice pronunciation functions may not work in Driller Vocabulary.
If you encounter such problems, install a new version 1.34 please.
Unfortunately, voice pronunciation outage could be longer. We are working on workaround solution to avoid Google's restrictions.

Thank You for understanding.


Mailer Vocabulary

A new FREE web based vocabulary learning system has been developed for you, so you can now access your vocabulary via internet browser and receive your vocabulary by email.
Click here to enter Mailer Vocabulary and register, it's free!

7.6.2011 - Bug fix

An error has been removed in current version 1.33, which showed error message at the start of the application and when closing settings window. This problem concerned only users with not installed microphone.


New version has been amended by new functions and correction.

1. Now you can record your voice/pronunciation and compare it with Google Translate pronunciation.

2. In case of incorrect language settings in application preferences, voice pronunciation is usually not correct. Even after correction pronunciation could not work for some word. It's caused by functionality, when pronunciation is downloaded during first use to computer and next time it's played from there.
Therefore a new function has been implemented. If you press voice pronunciation button (icon of speaker) for approx. 2 seconds, current pronunciation file will be removed and new pronunication downloaded from internet. This function works also for words in the list of words.

3. New mode called "Write mode" has been implemented. Now you can also type the translation instead of simple guessing. Answer will be evaluated afterward. This function can be used by clicking new button with pen icon or you can check "Write mode" checkbox in preferences to use Write mode every time a word is appearing.

4. Our users experienced bad application bahavior when using escape key (ESC). This has been corrected.

10.3.2011 - new version 1.33

New version 1.33 has been released. Now you can choose from 10 themes and enjoy new look of Driller Vocabulary.

9.3.2011 - new Website

Driller Vocabulary has new internet web address and new website. We look forward to Your visit.


Voice pronunciation is now available for every word in a list. Moreover, voice pronunciation is saved as mp3 file, so next use will take pronunciation from computer not Internet. (off-line mode)


You can define up to 10 shortcuts now in settings to assign colors to words quickly.

5.2.2011 - new version 1.32

New version 1.32 has been released. This version was amended by soundcard function, which generates voice translation from selected words.
Sound files are generated in WAV format in order: Word - pause - translation. Order can be swapped to: Translation - pause - word.
Next new function is batch translation of selected words and replacing titles of buttons to icons.


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